Closing the chapter on smallfoot

Presenting smallfoot in 2017

The smallfoot intervention

I don’t remember how we landed on spending as the basis for our solution, but it was simple and ingenious: businesses must meet spending targets, and how people spend their money provided a lot of insight into their lifestyle (and by proxy, their footprint).

I just couldn’t shake the idea out of my head.

For 3 years my mind was filled with what if’s any time the climate change topic came up. I needed to put this to bed once and for all. So earlier this year, during my paternity leave, I quit Xynteo to pursue smallfoot full-time.

Our second prototype

Opening up smallfoot and next steps

Click on the image to download our smallfoot concept for free



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smallfoot is run by Ray + Matthieu. We take the guesswork out of low-carbon living, helping you save time, money and emissions. Insta: @_stepupyourgame